FBI says an Iranian hacking group is attacking F5 networking devices

Posted on 10-08-2020

A group of elite hackers associated with the Iranian government has been detected attacking the US private and government sector, according to a security alert sent by the FBI last week. While the al...

Datadog has acquired Undefined Labs, a testing and observability company for developer workflows

Posted on 10-08-2020

Datadog has acquired Undefined Labs, a testing and observability company for developer workflows. This acquisition extends Datadog’s existing platform into development environments and will...

Black Hat 2020: Mercedes-Benz E-Series Rife with 19 Bugs

Posted on 09-08-2020

Researchers went into detail about the discovery and disclosure of 19 security flaws they found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which have all been fixed. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class went to market ri...

Hackers Dump 20GB of Intel’s Confidential Data Online

Posted on 09-08-2020

Chipmaker investigates a leak of intellectual property from its partner and customer resource center. More than 20 gigabytes of proprietary data and source code from chipmaker Intel Corp. was d...

Cisco’s 5 Cybersecurity Diversity Lessons Learned

Posted on 04-08-2020

Just like cybersecurity, diversity and inclusion is everyone’s problem to solve. “And so it’s an imperative for us,” said Dug Song, GM and co-founder of Duo Security...