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Singapore Business Federation (SBF) launches Employee Cyber Security Kit for businesses

Businesses now able to access to Employee Cyber Security Kit launched by SBF, hope this initiative will boost cyber security awareness! 

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has unveiled a new Employee Cyber Security Kit to help strengthen cyber security in businesses.

This was unveiled at the National Security Conference 2015 on Tuesday (Oct 27), which was organised by the SBF and supported by the National Security Coordination Secretariat and Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

The Employee Cyber Security Kit is a plug-and-play digital toolkit for companies to guide employee cyber security awareness efforts. The SBF said this toolkit will help businesses achieve a structured employee education program with minimal time, investment and manpower.

Companies can access the Employee Cyber Security Kit at the SBF’s ePortal where various tools are available, including a town hall guide and advocacy programme for employees.

SBF Chairman Mr Teo Siong Seng said: “Employees’ behavior and their awareness of security are as important. Businesses have to make it a priority to regularly educate and engage employees on keeping computers and networks safe, following cyber security policies and practices as well as safeguarding sensitive data.”

Speaking at the event, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister in Charge of Cyber Security Dr Yaacob Ibrahim urged businesses to invest in cyber security to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Dr Yaacob also noted that it was important to focus on “peopleware”, in addition to hardware and software systems to counter latest cyber threats.

He said: “Businesses will also need to build up ‘peopleware’ by equipping their employees with the awareness, tools and capabilities to handle these threats … When it comes to security, people matter as much as software and hardware, if not more. A fortress may have thick and strong walls, but will still be vulnerable to attack if the guards carelessly leave the gate open. Similarly, careless or ignorant employees can severely weaken a business’ defense against cyber threats.”