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How to keep your money safe from cyberattackers

The WannaCry ransomware attacks have spread like wildfire across the globe. As White House officials try to pinpoint where the attacks on hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 different countries stemmed from, and how to get locked data released, consumers are left wondering if their most important data is safe. Read more

NHS WannaCry cyber attacks WERE carried out by North Korea-linked hackers called The Lazarus Group, tech sleuths claim
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks at the latest combat and technical equipment, made by unit 1501 of the Korean People's Army, during his visit to the unit

Tech experts find smoking gun indicating hack attacks were committed by a organisation linked to Kim Jong-un’s secretive nation

THE NHS hack attack was committed by a group of hackers previously suspected of links to North Korea, experts have discovered. Read more

WannaCry: How to Defend Yourself against Ransomware

As most of the world has heard by now, a widespread ransomware attack known as WannaCry has infected over 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries. WannaCry exploits a Windows vulnerability (MS17-010) which was patched by Microsoft in March. The vast majority of infected machines were running outdated Windows XP, Server 2003, or unpatched instances of supported operating systems like Windows 7. Given the scale of this attack, Microsoft has since taken the unusual step of issuing an update to unsupported operating systems to protect those users still running Windows XP and Server 2003. Read more

About 500 Singapore IP addresses may be affected, CSA says

The affected computers in Singapore may not have had their files encrypted because of the ‘kill switch’ that allowed one researcher to inadvertently limit the spread of the ransomware, CSA says, but added that affected users will still need to patch and clean up their systems. Read more

The hero who accidentally stopped the cyberattack from spreading

An anonymous malware researcher inadvertently helped stop the spread of a global cyberattack that targeted nearly 100 countries. Read more

These Are the Countries Most (and Least) Prepared for Cyber Attacks

The stakes couldn’t be any higher in the global cybersecurity arena.

From Russia’s alleged role in the DNC hacks to this month’s revealing Vault 7 leak of nearly 9,000 CIA documents, it should now be clear that keeping data safe is of paramount importance for any organization. Leaks and hacks are causing irreparable damage across the board – and it is now more essential than ever before for individuals, organizations, and countries to be aware of common cybersecurity threats and how to prevent them. Read more

How “Fileless” Ransomware Works

As ransomware becomes an increasingly lucrative business, organized crime groups are expanding their operations to reach more victims and extract more ransoms. Meanwhile, security measures are getting better at detecting and blocking ransomware, forcing cybercriminals to constantly develop new techniques to evade detection. One of these advanced techniques involves “fileless”, where malicious code is either embedded in a native scripting language or written straight into memory using legitimate administrative tools such as PowerShell, without being written to disk. Read more

Ransomware is about to get a lot worse, by holding your operating system hostage
February 2, 2017

Researchers warn how ransomware could do more than just encrypt your files.

The threat of ransomware has grown at an unprecedented rate, rising from being a menace to becoming by far the most common form of malware delivered to victims by cyberattackers. Read more

Massive cyber attack at UK’s biggest hospital trust leaves THOUSANDS of patients at risk
January 14, 2017

An urgent message has been sent to staff urging them not to open email attachments from unknown senders.

The largest NHS trust in England has been hit by a huge cyber attack that could affect thousands of confidential patient files. Read more

How tweens get recruited to become hackers

He calls it “wasted talent”. Gifted 13-year-olds or children as young as 10 are getting involved in cybercrimes, thinking it is cool among peers, said Mr Steven Wilson, head of the European Cybercrime Centre at Europol.  Read more