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Poor Device and App Care Leaves Users Drowning in Digital Clutter, Kaspersky Lab Study Reveals

Digital clutter is growing due to an explosion in application usage and advances in the storage capacity of devices. But poor maintenance of these apps is leaving devices vulnerable to security threats. A new report by Kaspersky Lab reveals the scale of the digital clutter problem among Internet users worldwide. Read more

E-wallet cos grow fast, but not covered for cyber attack

Mobile wallet companies, expanding rapidly to cash in on the opportunity of the government’s push to scale up digitisation, are not taking adequate insurance cover against an obvious risk of cyber attacks and that could put their customers’ money in jeopardy in case of attack, industry insiders said.”Most wallet companies do not have a risk mitigation plan and do not have cyber insurance in place, which makes them vulnerable to huge losses in case of cyber attacks,” said Amit Agarwal, head, financial lines, JLT Independent Insurance Brokers. Read more

StarHub beefs up cyber security with Coronet deal

It will utilise the latter’s technology of monitoring wireless threats.

As it widens its cyber defenses with the establishment of Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (COE) alliance, mobile network operator StarHub tapped software company Coronet for its technology of detecting wireless threats. Read more

New Malware Targets Android Banking Apps

Cybersecurity researchers said they have discovered a new type of malicious software that circumvents security features on version 6 of the Android mobile-phone operating system, allowing criminals to infiltrate banking apps and steal credit-card details. Read more

Update all iOS devices to 9.3.5 immediately, or risk a remote jailbreak
apple phones

Update your iOS device to version 9.3.5, or beware. A critical new Apple iOS update patches three iOS flaws that cybercriminals used to steal confidential messages and eavesdrop using device cameras and microphones. Read more

One of the biggest threats to the Rio Olympics will come from the internet

The Brazilian government plans to flood the streets of Rio de Janeiro with 85,000 armed soldiers and police to ensure security on the ground during the Olympic Games.  Read more

Massive DDoS cyber attack takes down Pokémon Go

Hacking group PoodleCorp has taken responsibility for the attack on Twitter, with further promises of a bigger attack coming soon. Read more

Pokemon game raises cyber security concerns

The wildly popular Pokémon Go smartphone app, in which players move around in the real world in order to catch virtual “pocket monsters,” has created safety and security concerns in both the real and cyber universes. Read more

Children a ‘weak link in household cyber security’

Do you watch over your children when they are playing with their tablets and computers? Children’s trusting behaviour online has made their parents vulnerable to hackers, with three in 10 computing devices in Singapore compromised in this way, according to the latest survey findings by security technology firm Norton.  Read more

Phone users to get better protection from hackers

Worried about hackers stealing data from your phones? There’s solutions for all of us!

The widespread use of mobile phones has created more opportunities for hackers to steal information from them, but two projects are under way in Singapore to give users better protection from cyberattacks.  Read more